Curated Messaging News

These are the news items that I have curated during the monitoring of the API space that have some relevance to the Messaging conversation and I wanted to include in my research. I am using all of these links to better understand how the space is defining not just their APIs, but their schema, and other moving parts of their API operations.

Facebooks latest transparency tool doesnt offer much so we went digging (02-25-2020)
Google's new terms of service will (hopefully) be easier to read (02-22-2020)
Signal is finally bringing its secure messaging to the masses (02-16-2020)
Put your archive data on ice with new storage offering (01-08-2020)
Scripts from The Office, the dataset (12-30-2019)
UnDraw: Open (12-22-2019)
Homelessness in the U.S. rose for a third year, driven by a surge in California, HUD says (12-21-2019)
Devportals & Digital Transformation (12-18-2019)
Google's ARCore Depth API Brings Depth Maps and Occlusion to Non (12-15-2019)
Introducing Load Balancing Analytics (12-10-2019)
Google buys Fitbit for $2.1 billion (11-01-2019)
Mark Zuckerberg still won't ban 'political' ads from Facebook (10-30-2019)
RESTful API for Beginners (10-27-2019)
Use Twilio to Communicate from Your App (09-12-2019)
Crops under solar panels can be a win (09-05-2019)
Structured Data Files v5 now available in the DoubleClick Bid Manager API (09-03-2019)
How to make Network API call in Android. (08-30-2019)
Forms Are Hard (08-29-2019)
Chatting with Watson to Hook any Tweets: Webhook Tutorial (08-29-2019)
New Botnet Targets Android Set (08-28-2019)
Who's Really Running Your Industrial IoT Project? (08-27-2019)
Harnessing the power of the Location of Things with Azure Maps (08-26-2019)
The Basics of Fetch API (08-25-2019)
Amazon Transcribe Now Supports Mandarin and Russian (08-23-2019)
How to Avoid Cost Pitfalls by Monitoring APIs in AWS Lambda (08-23-2019)
IBM Announce Quantum Safe Encryption (08-23-2019)
Introduce React Plugin Template (08-22-2019)
Reactive Spring: Define a REST Endpoint as a Continuous Stream (08-22-2019)
StormCrawler open source web crawler strengthened by Elasticsearch, Kibana (08-22-2019)
Splunk Moves into Microservices Monitoring with SignalFX Acquisition (08-21-2019)
Porsche invests in low visibility sensor startup TriEye (08-21-2019)
The Technology 202: Facebook attracts swift blowback from report on anti (08-21-2019)
Facebooks Libra Association is being investigated by EU antitrust regulators (08-20-2019)
Hybrid Microservices An Insight (08-20-2019)
Surveillance as a Condition for Humanitarian Aid (08-20-2019)
Why You Should Auto (08-20-2019)
How to Build an API in Python (with Flask & RapidAPI) (08-19-2019)
Twitter and Facebook take first actions against China for using fake accounts to sow discord in Hong Kong (08-19-2019)
More than 20 Texas cities and towns have been taken hostage by ransomware (08-19-2019)
MIT built a better way to deliver high (08-19-2019)
How to Reduce Cognitive Load for Voice Design (08-19-2019)
Integrating Slack into your Laravel API (08-18-2019)
API 101: What even is an API? (08-18-2019)
Automated API testing through Postman and Jenkins (08-18-2019)
Facebook simplifies its Group privacy settings (08-14-2019)
Developing Docker (08-14-2019)
GitHub Named in Capital One Breach Lawsuit (08-14-2019)
TensorFlow 2.0: Dynamic, Readable, and Highly Extended (08-14-2019)
MQTT Publishing and Subscribing Messages to MQTT Broker (CloudMQTT) Using .NET C# MQTT Client Library (08-14-2019)
WebSSL (08-12-2019)
Messaging APIs of RingCentral (07-26-2019)
PagerDuty Open Sources Its Incident Response Best Practices (01-14-2019)
How Chat API boosts the Engagement and Retention of Users (01-04-2019)
Interpreting Kafka's Exactly (12-31-2018)
Doing it Live! Learn Youtubes API by Making a Chatbot (12-31-2018)
How to build a React chat app with AWS API Gateway WebSockets, Custom Lambda Authorizer (12-28-2018)
Transforming customer experiences with the WhatsApp Business API (11-28-2018)
New AWS Elemental MediaConnect for ingestion and distribution of video in the cloud. (11-27-2018)
Heres Everything You Need to Know About A Chat API! (10-29-2018)
Tutorial: Creating a Xamarin Chat App Using Chat API (10-22-2018)
OTT Apps (10-06-2018)
Twilio Alternatives 2018 (10-06-2018)
Wish, Netflix, Uber and ~100 others testing WhatsApp's new Business API (08-31-2018)
SMS.To API (08-29-2018)
Telstra Messaging (08-27-2018)
How to send WhatsApp message using Python and Twilio API? (08-18-2018)
MessageBird HLR API (08-11-2018)
MessageBird offers single API for customer comms across WhatsApp, WeChat, Messenger and more (08-08-2018)
WhatsApp launches brand new API for enterprise communications (08-03-2018)
WhatsApp Business API (08-02-2018)
WhatsApp Business (08-01-2018)
Twilio launches new developer API for WhatsApp platform (08-01-2018)
AWS Serverless SNS Notifications to Slack without Lambda via API Gateway (07-14-2018)
Application (06-05-2018)
API support for partner SMS Gateways (04-27-2018)
How to Discover Playlist IDs with the YouTube Data API (04-17-2018)
Here are the most popular Video chat APIs to be considered for your mobile app (04-13-2018)
API Spotlight: MMS API (04-11-2018)
Announcing New Message IDs compatible between 2.0 and Lite APIs (03-23-2018)
Building a Scalable Notification Delivery Service using AWS Lambda and SNS (03-12-2018)
Urban Airship announces new features for automated messaging (03-09-2018)
Introducing Jira Cloud for Stride! (03-09-2018)
Slack Rival Stride Opens API to All Developers (02-22-2018)
Atlassian Releases Stride API Platform (02-20-2018)
Atlassian's Stride Launches Major Updates to Its API to Better Compete With Slack (02-20-2018)
Custom apps, all aboard Strides API (02-20-2018)
Stride, Atlassian's Slack competitor, opens its API to all developers (02-20-2018)
Time to build a support operations team (02-15-2018)
A beginners guide to exporting Intercom conversations with the Conversations API (02-08-2018)
How To Send Faxes Via Email Using SparkPost, Twilio & Cloudinary (01-12-2018)
Programmatic emails with API (01-12-2018)
Chatty Technology Has a Problem (12-20-2017)
Pushpin An Open Source Library That Turns REST APIs into Realtime APIs (12-16-2017)
Why We Replaced Our Kafka Connector with a Kafka Consumer (12-16-2017)
Getting Hooked on Xero with AWS Lambda (12-10-2017)
Amazon Launches a New Message Broker Service in AWS (12-07-2017)
Trigger workflows in Slack with webhooks (12-06-2017)
Send and Receive SMS With Java Using Nexmo (12-05-2017)
Product Hunt Switched to Stream API from In (12-04-2017)
Why the government should abandon its plan to vet foreigners on Facebook (12-04-2017)
Facebook expands feature letting businesses build Messenger into their websites (11-30-2017)
Amazon MQ Managed Message Broker Service for ActiveMQ (11-28-2017)
Introducing Azure Automation watcher tasks public preview (11-28-2017)
Elastest TestLink Plugin REST API (1) (11-26-2017)
Monolithic to Microservices Architecture: A Roadmap for Enterprise Developers (11-24-2017)
Deploying Kafka (11-21-2017)
HTTP and Websockets: Understanding the capabilities of todays web communication technologies (11-19-2017)
Transactions in Apache Kafka (11-17-2017)
Introduction to Apache Kafka (11-17-2017)
Voicemod SDK Add real time voice changer to your app with a simple SDK (11-17-2017)
gzip on AWS Lambda and API Gateway (11-16-2017)
SMS API What is it and how it works (11-16-2017)
Pusher launches Chatkit API and SDK (11-15-2017)
Announcing ChatEngine: The PubNub (11-14-2017)
Introduction AsyncAPI (11-11-2017)
How Facebook Figures Out Everyone You've Ever Met (11-08-2017)
Facebook's Messenger Platform 2.2 brings customer chat plugin, broadcast API and more (11-07-2017)
AsyncAPI (11-07-2017)
Messenger Customer Chat Plugin (Beta) Integrate your Messenger bot directly into your website (11-07-2017)
Facebook introduces a Messenger plugin for business websites (11-07-2017)
Hello World! (11-07-2017)
Why We Should All Be Using the Encrypted Chat App Signal (11-05-2017)
Facebook and Google Are Actually 'Net States.' And They Rule the World (11-04-2017)
Pusher Announces Chatkit to Enable Real (11-03-2017)
Apache Kafka 1.0 Released Exactly Once (11-03-2017)
A London startup has released specialised Chat API for web developers (11-03-2017)
W3C: WebRTC 1.0 is now feature complete (11-02-2017)
Pusher Chatkit Developer (11-02-2017)
Pusher launches Chatkit to make it easy for developers to add chat functionality (11-02-2017)
Pusher launches Chatkit to make it easy for developers to add chat functionality (11-02-2017)
Telegram as a messenger for teamwork (11-02-2017)
Tech News Right In Your Slack Channel (10-31-2017)
New Chaport API & 750+ Integrations using Zapier (10-30-2017)
More than half this country apparently uses Facebook's Messenger (10-29-2017)
Slacks powerful new screen sharing feature is better than the rest (10-26-2017)
Slack announces a new screen (10-25-2017)
Databricks Delta: A Unified Data Management System for Real (10-25-2017)
CloudRail Releases Universal Messaging API For Deploying Chatbots Across Platforms (10-20-2017)
Marriott's Slack extension proves booking corporate travel software doesn't have to suck (10-19-2017)
Predicting Flight Arrivals with the Apache Kafka Streams API (10-18-2017)
How to use Einstein Object Detection (10-16-2017)
Kele API Gem Case Study (10-16-2017)
Telegram fined after refusing to provide user data to Russia (10-16-2017)
Microsoft said police cant seize data it stores overseas. The U.S. disagrees. (10-16-2017)
Privacy (10-11-2017)
Telegram 4.4 Broadcast your current location to any chat in real time (10-10-2017)
Easy Slack Integration (10-09-2017)
Why Facebook Users Should Download Messenger Lite Instead of Messenger (10-08-2017)
Facebook sneakily released a Slack competitor (10-06-2017)
Announcing Our Series A in MessageBird: Giving Voice to Developers Worldwide (10-03-2017)
MessageBird, a profitable Dutch rival to Twilio, has raised $60 million for its messaging API (10-03-2017)
MessageBird, a profitable Dutch rival to Twilio, has raised $60 million for its messaging API (10-03-2017)
Line hosts Developer Day to highlight Clova, Line API (09-30-2017)
Introducing Cloudflare Stream: Fixing the Streaming Video Market (09-27-2017)
AWS Pinpoint Launches Two (09-26-2017)
Disaster Recovery for Multi (09-22-2017)
API Reference Confluent Platform 3.3.0 documentation (09-20-2017)
Confluent Cloud: Apache Kafka as a Service (09-19-2017)
Crossing the Streams Joins in Apache Kafka (09-19-2017)
Keybase launches Teams, a free encrypted alternative to Slack (09-18-2017)
Migrating to the Slack Conversations API (09-18-2017)
Slack Launches Shared Channels for Multi (09-12-2017)
Slack introduces shared channels to let companies collaborate (09-12-2017)
Always great to see the continuous evolution of Slacks API and stacks. (09-11-2017)
Twilio (09-09-2017)
The Ultimate Guide to Pricing Your API (09-07-2017)
Missions Create custom workflows for Slack (09-06-2017)
Trump gets millions from golf members. CEOs and lobbyists get access to president (09-06-2017)
How to receive SMS in Slack (using Twilio Functions) (09-05-2017)
How we used Slack as a backend (09-05-2017)
WhatsApp announces free Business app, will charge big enterprises (09-05-2017)
Facebook is about to start making money off WhatsApp by charging businesses (FB) (09-05-2017)
Many to Slack A public chat room fully integrated into Slack (09-05-2017)
Most frequent how (09-04-2017)
Performance Tuning Alexa Skills using AWS Lambda (09-04-2017)
What messaging means for the future of customer care (09-01-2017)
What will be the future of messaging apps? (09-01-2017)
Echos messaging service may add support for SMS texts from your own Alexa number (08-30-2017)
WhatsApp is starting to verify businesses accounts (08-29-2017)
Text messages as public records emerges as new Montana issue (08-29-2017)
Reseller bulk SMS API in India (08-22-2017)
What is Chat API (08-20-2017)
Twitter DMs should be turned into a proper messaging app (08-19-2017)
Writing Slack Command APIs in Ruby (08-17-2017)
Context Aware Encoding (beta) (08-17-2017)
Make your app architecture cloud (08-16-2017)
The Future of Customer Service and AI (08-15-2017)
Monitor Stack Overflow activity directly into Slack (08-10-2017)
Integrate MSG91 with Viasocket (08-09-2017)
Applying the pub (08-09-2017)
YouTube adds an in (08-07-2017)
Facebook acquires AI startup to make Messenger chatbots better (08-03-2017)
Chatbots for business: a new support standard (08-03-2017)
Telegram builds a direct hotline for authorities, so they can pull down illegal content quickly (08-02-2017)
At a microchip party in Wisconsin, some workers get implants while others worry about hackers and the devil (08-01-2017)
No, Facebooks Chatbots Will Not Take Over the World (08-01-2017)
Periscope Data Brings Permissions (08-01-2017)
My world is their Oyster: the price of privacy (07-28-2017) is shutting down Bot Engine as Facebook rolls NLP into its updated Messenger Platform (07-27-2017)
One Billion Daily WhatsApp Users Prove Privacy Isn't Dead (07-27-2017)
Which API is right for your Slack app? (07-27-2017)
Facebook Messenger update makes business bots easier to deal with (07-27-2017)
Capital amnesia (07-25-2017)
Announcing Heroku ChatOps for Slack (07-25-2017)
Data processing with Slack and serverless backend on AWS (07-24-2017)
Slack Brings Apps Front and Center with API Update (07-24-2017)
Your Telegram chats now include disappearing photos (07-23-2017)
Its Time to Rethink the Value of Support (07-19-2017)
Six things to know about Telegram (07-17-2017)
A Beginners Guide to SMS API CODE (07-15-2017)
Why we use Intercom in Bounty? How we used Intercom API to cut Intercom expenses. (07-14-2017)
Facebooks lite version of Messenger lands in India, and you should switch right now (07-13-2017)
KFC is releasing a smartphone, so you can show off your love for fried chicken (07-12-2017)
StdLib Announces Investment from Slack to Enable Enterprise API Integrations (07-11-2017)
Telegram (07-11-2017)
Facebooks Messenger ads are bad and must be destroyed (07-11-2017)
Meaningful and Magical Experiences: (07-06-2017)
Facebook's new attempt to get both brands and people talking to bots on Messenger (07-02-2017)
Zendesk updates its Terms and Policies (07-01-2017)
Facebook Messenger wants to become the new Yellow Pages (FB) (06-30-2017)
Confluent achieves Holy Grail of exactly once delivery on Kafka messaging service (06-30-2017)
Build a Chat App with React, Auth0 and Pusher (06-30-2017)
Moving Yelp's Core Business Search to Elasticsearch (06-28-2017)
The Right of Access to Public Information (06-28-2017)
Telegram will register with Russia but won't share secure data (06-28-2017)
Telegram Agrees to Register Messaging App With Russia (06-28-2017)
In Kansas City, residents have a new friend on Facebook: an open data chatbot (06-27-2017)
Facebook Messenger's AI assistant helps you save links for later (06-27-2017)
Microsoft Cognitive Services hack: Line Messenger (06-27-2017)
Russia threatens to ban Telegram if it doesnt hand over data (06-26-2017)
Facebook brings new masks, filters and reactions to Messenger video chat (06-26-2017)
June 25, 2017 . Creating a searchable music site, using the soundcloud API. (06-25-2017)
Mia Easy insurance you can manage through FB Messenger (06-22-2017)
ShoreTel to Offer SMS APIs Through Google Cloud Platform (06-22-2017)
Call for translations for CKAN 2.7 (06-22-2017)
Now you can build shared Spotify playlists with your friends in Facebook Messenger (06-21-2017)
'API economy' company Twilio coming to Australia (06-20-2017)
How Python Coders Tried to Kill my Supposedly Secure JavaScript API Service (06-20-2017)
How Slack Would Complete Amazon's Empire (06-16-2017)
Telegram founder says US government tried to bribe developers (06-15-2017)
Facebooks AI crosses language barrier to assist in Spanish (06-13-2017)
Twitter chatbots can now include buttons that push you to tweet, follow, click & more (06-13-2017)
Astrobot for Slack Manage your inbox from Slack (06-13-2017)
TfL develops artificial intelligence app on Facebook Messenger (06-13-2017)
These retirees are making a living in legal weed's booming shadow industry (06-07-2017)
Twilios Quest to Offer All the APIs for Modern Day Messaging (06-07-2017)
Slack, Telegram, Other Chat Apps Being Used as Malware Control Channels (06-06-2017)
CPaaS market evolves with new API suite from Twilio (06-06-2017)
Webhook App (06-02-2017)
Slack Without Slacking: How to Automatically Update Your Slack Status (05-29-2017)
Twilio Functions lets developers build communications apps without having to worry about servers (05-25-2017)
Connecting Intercom and Slack with a Serverless Webhook (05-24-2017)
Relaunching the Universal API for Realtime (05-22-2017)
YouTube's Super Chat API can trigger actions in the real world (05-17-2017)
Screen Sharing in Slack A simple way to share your ideas and your screen (05-16-2017)
Discord's Slack (05-16-2017)
Newly (05-15-2017)
A New API Allows For Easier SMS Authentication In Android O (05-15-2017)
Control And Time Your SMS Campaigns With A Flexible API (05-05-2017)
First Impressions with Platform Events and the Salesforce Enterprise Messaging Platform (05-03-2017)
Facebook Messenger instant games go global (05-02-2017)
Omni-channel Messaging APIs are changing the way businesses communicate (05-02-2017)
Server-Side Encryption for Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) (05-01-2017)
Codeships Slack Integration (04-28-2017)
Tweet: Use Siri to create Chatter posts for you! @muenzpraeger is your guide for this awesome feature: (04-27-2017)
How to manage software development in Slack (04-27-2017)
Introducing a New Integration: Postman Pro + Slack! (04-26-2017)
Skype is the number one communication choice among cybercriminals (04-20-2017)
Facebook Messengers Plot to Be the Only App You Ever Need (04-18-2017)
How to find and connect with your coworkers in Slack (04-17-2017)
Join Backendless on Slack (04-14-2017)
Custom status messages are coming to Slack (04-13-2017)
Location FB Messenger Bot using Microsoft Bot Framework (04-13-2017)
Set your status in Slack (04-13-2017)
Slack is adding AIM-style custom status messages (04-13-2017)
Facebook Messenger hits 1.2 billion monthly users, up from 1B in July (04-12-2017)
Drilling Down into Slacks New Message Menus (04-11-2017)
Slack supercharges integrated apps so you can do a lot more with them (04-11-2017)
Tweet: Twilio Notify learned a new trickAdd Firebase Cloud Messaging to the list of channels you use to send notification… (04-10-2017)
Google Cloud Storage introduces Cloud Pub/Sub notifications (04-10-2017)
Facebooks Chat App Is Getting New A.I. Features (04-06-2017)
New APIs to power the future of customer engagement in Direct Messages (04-06-2017)
Stripe Integration: Your Companys Financial Metrics in Slack (04-06-2017)
Expanding how you pay for Slack (04-05-2017)
Why We Chose Slack as Zoes First Integration (03-15-2017)
How to Incorporate Slack Alerts Into Your Development Process (03-13-2017)
WhatsApp begins testing a way to actually make money (03-09-2017)
WhatsApp is testing chat tools for businesses (03-09-2017)
The White Houses favorite secure messaging app is riddled with bugs (03-08-2017)
WhatsApp testing ways businesses can talk directly to users (03-08-2017)
Partnering on open source: Google and HashiCorp engineers on managing GCP infrastructure (03-02-2017)
Introducing the Burner API (02-22-2017)
Enhancing Slacks Events API (02-22-2017)
Facebook Messenger gets international money transfers via TransferWise... (02-20-2017)
Join Our Beta of Facebook Messenger and LINE APIs (02-14-2017)
Signals newest update introduces video calling and a privacy issue (02-14-2017)
You can now use Signal for encrypted video calls (02-14-2017)
WhatsApp switches on two-factor verification for 1.2 billion users (02-09-2017)
Microsoft Commits to Real-Time Communications with WebRTC 1.0 API Release (02-02-2017)
The enterprise is the next logical step for Slack (02-01-2017)
Introducing Slack Enterprise Grid (01-31-2017)
Messaging startup Slack launches new product to power big businesses (01-31-2017)
Plugging into the Grid (01-31-2017)
Slack takes aim at the corporate sector with Enterprise Grid, adds bots from SAP (01-31-2017)
Tact brings intelligent sales assistant to new Slack enterprise edition (01-31-2017)
How the Snapchat API is Impacting the Advertising World (01-22-2017)
Otixo is now integrated with Slack! (01-20-2017)
Slack adds threaded messages to take the clutter out of public channels (01-18-2017)
Slack gets threaded messaging at last (01-18-2017)
Slacks New Threaded Messages Tame Your Meandering Chats (01-18-2017)
YouTube is testing in-app messaging to take on Facebook (01-18-2017)
WhatsApp: Encrypted Message Backdoor Reports Are 'Baseless' (01-17-2017)
A critical flaw (possibly a deliberate backdoor) allows for decryption of Whatsapp messages (01-13-2017)
Encrypted messaging platform WhatsApp denies backdoor claim (01-13-2017)
Top security expert: 'There is no WhatsApp backdoor' (FB) (01-13-2017)
WhatsApp neglected known bug putting your privacy at risk for months (01-13-2017)
WhatsApp security flaw? Researcher claims bug allows snooping on encrypted messages, but tech firm denies its a backdoor (01-13-2017)
This Is How Russian Spies Could 'Crack' Telegram (01-11-2017)
Launching a Slack app? Heres how to get ready (01-10-2017)
Secure Messaging Takes Some Steps Forward, Some Steps Back: 2016 In Review (12-29-2016)
Facebook Messenger adds group video chat for up to 50 people (12-19-2016)
Facebook Messenger launches group video chat with Snapchat-style selfie filters (12-19-2016)
Civil War: Slack vs Email (Part 2) (12-13-2016)
Getting Started With Firebase Cloud Messaging (12-13-2016)
Saleforce brings bot conversations, SMS, Facebook Messenger to Service Cloud (12-13-2016)
Salesforce Adds LiveMessage Text Service to Service Cloud (12-13-2016)
Skype and WhatsApp face tougher EU customer data security rules (12-13-2016)
LinkedIn opens Sponsored InMail to all as yet more ad products come to messaging platforms (11-09-2016)
Dear Microsoft, (11-02-2016)
Mark Zuckerberg just explained how close Messenger and WhatsApp are to making money (FB) (11-02-2016)
Now powering your messages on Twitter (11-01-2016)
Slash Webtasks - All your ChatOps are belong to you (10-19-2016)
Google Drive + Slack (10-19-2016)
Get more from Skype ? Access Microsoft services (10-18-2016)
Announcing Firebase Cloud Messaging for Web (10-17-2016)
Future versions of Facebook Messenger will come with a Data Saver mode (10-16-2016) Announces Interactive Broadcasting API (10-13-2016)
Facebook's Version of Slack Is Coming for Your Workplace. What Now? (10-11-2016)
Encrypted 'Secret Conversations' Roll Out on Facebook Messenger (10-06-2016)
You Can Now Turn Conversations Into Sales With Shopify and Facebook Messenger (10-05-2016)
Facebook Messenger now lets you toggle end-to-end encryption (10-04-2016)
Slack 102: Staying focused on the right things (10-04-2016)
?Google plots Embedded Google Assistant SDK, tools for developers (10-04-2016)
Facebook Messenger now lets everyone encrypt their conversations, but there?s a catch (10-04-2016)
How to encrypt your Facebook Messages (10-04-2016)
Bringing Google Apps into HipChat (09-29-2016)
Rene Ritchie on Apple?s iMessage Metadata Logs (09-28-2016)
Slack, Salesforce ink broad integration pact (09-27-2016)
Slack: Now with more Salesforce, and vice versa (09-27-2016)
Twitter Changes Character-Counting Rules for Tweets With Links and Attachments (09-19-2016)
Twitter?s Revamped Character Limit Is Finally Here (09-19-2016)
Why Twilio went public (09-13-2016)
You can now buy things from Facebook bots (09-12-2016)
Tweet: Enabling notifications for IP Messaging via the REST API. (09-09-2016)
Twilio: Priced for Enterprise Scale - Post - No Jitter (09-08-2016)
Introducing the Twilio Enterprise Plan: capabilities for enterprise agility & managing risk (09-08-2016)
Twilio (TWLO) Debuts New Enterprise Plan; Will Focus on Security, Administration (09-08-2016)
Twilio Announces Twilio Enterprise Plan With New Capabilities for Advanced Security, Access Management, and Granular Administration (09-08-2016)
Twitter Adds Read Receipts to DMs (09-08-2016)
Welcome to the Post-Email Enterprise: what Skype Teams means in a Slack-Leaning World (09-07-2016)
Twilio Connector for Sending Messages (09-02-2016)
Relaxing Privacy Vow, WhatsApp to Share Some Data With Facebook (08-25-2016)
Slack Is All Hose And No Bucket (08-25-2016)
Get your Slack Events API bot off the couch (08-23-2016)
Offline Conversions API Available via Facebook Business Manager (08-23-2016)
Facebook Messenger could start using chatbots to sell you stuff as social network details latest changes (08-17-2016)
Now You Can Donate To Charities Via Facebook Messenger (08-17-2016)
O Slack API, How Do I Love Thee (08-16-2016)
How To Use Automated 2-Way Messaging for Increased Security and Conversions (08-11-2016)
Creating a Slack App with Slapp & Firebase (08-10-2016)
Marketer?s Guide to Messaging APIs (08-10-2016)
Chat With Obama Via White House Messenger Bot (08-10-2016)
A WebSocket Chat Microservice in Java (08-09-2016)
Mobile game developers are turning to chat apps (08-09-2016)
Pingpad for Slack ? For Slack teams to capture knowledge, organize and act on it (08-09-2016)
This new Skype bot lets you chat with Spock (08-05-2016)
How to search in Slack (08-04-2016)
Lurchr ? Saves all your Slack links, so you can focus on work (08-04-2016)
Iranian hacker group knows who is on Telegram (08-03-2016)
Telegram denies Iranian mass breach (08-03-2016)
Making it easier to build and test Slack Apps (08-03-2016)
Skype gets smarter with five new conversational bots, including Skyscanner (08-03-2016)
Slack Events API ? Subscribe to events in Slack via HTTP (08-03-2016)
Telegram Pushes Back on Hack Reports (08-03-2016)
Exclusive: Hackers accessed Telegram messaging accounts in Iran - researchers (08-02-2016)
Hack Brief: Hackers Breach the Ultra-Secure Messaging App Telegram in Iran (08-02-2016)
Hackers compromise dozens of Telegram chat accounts in Iran (08-02-2016)
Instagram's Snapchat-like feature allows 24-hour-limit posts (08-02-2016)
Iranian hackers called ?Rocket Kitten? go spearphishing on Telegram (08-02-2016)
Subscribe to the Events API (08-02-2016)
Twilio Message Feedback API Helps Ensure Timely Delivery (08-02-2016)
How to manage your Slack channels (07-22-2016)
Building a Chat Integration for Cisco Spark in Minutes (07-21-2016)
How Will Banks Secure the New Channels ? Messaging, Video, Chatbots? (07-21-2016)
Skype ? the journey we?ve been on (07-20-2016)
Investing in the Future of Work (07-19-2016)
New slash commands for Quip + Slack (07-19-2016)
News from the Slack Fund (07-19-2016)
ClosingBell on Slack ? Fetch stock market data from Slack with interactive messages (07-18-2016)
Snapchat Could Soon Serve You Ads Based On The Photos You Take (07-18-2016)
MessageBird Chat API ? Connect with your customers through different messaging apps (07-11-2016)
Banks should not underestimate Facebook Messenger (07-08-2016)
Facebook is testing end-to-end encryption for Messenger (07-08-2016)
Federal court ruling extends FOIA's reach to private messaging systems (07-08-2016)
MessageBird, a profitable rival to Twilio from Europe, introduces support for chat apps (07-08-2016)
Skype Bot developer update: cards, groups and more (07-08-2016)
SeedStories Ep 5: Barrett Daniels on Twilio IPO & Startup Exits ? IPO's are Back for Unicorns? Future of Exits in the Valley (07-07-2016)
TeamInk ? Create, search and assign documents directly from Slack (07-07-2016)
What marketers need to know now about AI, bots, messaging, and the future of mobile (07-07-2016)
Twilio and Amazon extend collaboration for SMS Delivery (07-06-2016)
New improved photo, video and document sharing on Skype (07-05-2016)
Product Hunt: Integrating Guru and Slack (07-01-2016)
How to customize notifications in Slack (07-01-2016)
How to use Receptiviti API to measure rapport on chat clients (06-27-2016)
An easier way to get help using Slack (06-23-2016)
Slack adds Message Buttons to expand workplace capabilities (06-23-2016)
Twilio built 3 apps on the floor of the NYSE to celebrate its IPO (06-23-2016)
Twilio IPO launches: Why it's successful (06-23-2016)
Twilio's CEO just got $100 million richer (TWLO) (06-23-2016)
Twilio, a Cloud-Based Business, Soars After Its I.P.O. (06-23-2016)
Slack moves past slash commands to message buttons (06-22-2016)
Message buttons and the Slack API (06-21-2016)
Slack Message Buttons ? Making messages more interactive with buttons (06-21-2016)
Slack supercharges its chat app with interactive integrations from third-party services (06-21-2016)
TalkLife Connect ? Therapists in Slack, whenever your team need them (06-21-2016)
Sealing the sale with Slack (06-17-2016)
Snapchat Unveils Ads API (06-16-2016)
Snapchat Launches Ads API by Pollack Media Group (06-15-2016)
Facebook Messenger has a message for banks (06-14-2016)
Slack users report widespread service disruptions (06-10-2016)
Take Control of Slack Basics ? Learn how to use Slack to communicate effectively! (06-07-2016)
Wechat?s Former Growth Lead on the Future of Messaging & Bots (06-06-2016)
Integrate Apteligent into your Slack channel (06-01-2016)
Google Cloud Messaging and Firebase (05-31-2016)
Introducing Firebase Cloud Messaging (05-31-2016)
Twilio to make Wall Street debut with $100 million IPO (05-26-2016)
A little update about a lot of people using Slack (05-25-2016)
Clearbit for Slack ? Send all signups directly to a Slack channel (05-25-2016)
Using Clearbit to make Slack a true part of your sales process (05-25-2016)
A study on scale: WhatsApp & Google Drive? the story of our integration (05-24-2016)
Twilio launches marketplace, opens APIs to third parties, forges programmable wireless pact with T-Mobile (05-24-2016)
Twilio Unveils Cellular Communications Platform for Developers (05-24-2016)
Twilio?s Add-ons program is like a one-stop shop for APIs (05-24-2016)
An easier way to share Tweets privately (05-20-2016)
Sharing messages in Slack (05-18-2016)
Unsplash for Slack ? A slash command for getting beautiful photos in your Slack (05-18-2016)
Slack SQL ? Execute SQL queries inside of Slack (05-12-2016) Social Network Releases Its REST API (05-10-2016)
CoffeeRunner ? Organize your team coffee runs with a Slack slash command (05-08-2016)
Changes to file events in the Real-Time Messaging API (04-27-2016)
Changes to file events in the Real-Time Messaging API (04-26-2016)
Slack Review ? World's largest collection of Slack apps (04-25-2016)
Well, Hello There Slack Slash Commands (04-21-2016)
Advanced Slack tips for geeks (04-19-2016)
Viber says it?s now encrypted, but won?t tell us how secure our chats are (04-19-2016)
Welcome to the Puppet Community Slack (04-18-2016)
API Update: New Field in API Responses (04-13-2016)
Facebook is opening up its ?M? AI platform as a bot engine for developers (04-12-2016)
Facebook opens its Messenger platform to chatbots (04-12-2016)
Facebook's new Messenger bots are the slowest way to use the internet (04-12-2016)
Facebook?s Broad Ambitions Include a New Engagement Platform for Businesses (04-12-2016)
The Biggest Internet Phenomenon Since The App Store: How Messaging Apps Are Changing Social Media (04-12-2016)
Twilio adds Facebook Messenger to its communication API platform (04-12-2016)
Share Dropbox files directly from Facebook Messenger (04-11-2016)
That Thing You All Are Doing With Slack Integrations, @Blockspring Is Doing It With Spreadsheets (04-07-2016)
Command ? Making the web better with Slack-like slash commands. (04-06-2016)
WhatsApp bolsters encryption ? now end-to-end (04-06-2016)
WhatsApp Re-Ignites the Encryption Debate With Its Software Update (04-06-2016)
Who Is Working On The Twitter Cards For Slack Messages, Unfurl, and Attachments? (04-05-2016)
An easier way to share Tweets privately (04-05-2016)
The startup Current wants to let you pay co-workers on Slack (04-05-2016)
WhatsApp end-to-end encryption ? Cross platform end-to-end encryption for 1:1 & group chat ?? (04-05-2016)
WhatsApp is Now End-to-End Encrypted (04-05-2016)
WhatsApp now supports end-to-end encryption for all your picture, voice and text messages (04-05-2016)
Advice on Good APIs: Comparing Slack and Hipchat From a Developer?s Perspective (04-03-2016)
How we improved our EV charging station sharing with HipChat, AWS and ChargePoint API (04-03-2016)
Slack raises $200 million at $3.8 billion valuation (04-01-2016)
Import Dashboard Numbers for Messaging APIs (REST) (03-30-2016)
Skype Bots preview comes to consumers and developers (03-30-2016)
Smart Messaging for E-commerce Integrations (03-29-2016)
Snapchat?s new update finally brings stickers, audio/video calls to chat (03-29-2016)
Snapchat Chat 2.0 ? All-new Chat with stickers, audio, video notes and more (03-29-2016)
Exposing The Meaningful Skills Our APIs Possess For Use In The Next Gen Messaging And Voice Apps (03-23-2016)
Don?t lose context on Slack (03-23-2016)
Teamfeed ? Easily update other teams about your work, through Slack. (03-23-2016)
Introduction to Apache Kafka: Distributed Systems, Scalable Architecture, and Messaging Queues (03-22-2016)
Slack users, meet Lookerbot: a new tool that brings your data into the... (03-17-2016)
Twitter Kit 2.0 for iOS brings API refinement and new Tweet details (03-17-2016)
How to Integrate Your WordPress Site with Telegram (03-16-2016)
San Francisco lawmakers use a secret messaging app to keep chats from prying public eyes (03-16-2016)
The Long Economic Case for Snapchat (03-14-2016)
Telegram Your Devices (03-12-2016)
Slack, a 2-year-old messaging platform, is raising $200 million at nearly a $4 billion valuation led by Thrive Capital (03-11-2016)
Cola Messenger Is Like Text Messaging On Steroids (03-10-2016)
Searching the UK Parliament API from Slack Slash Commands Using a Python Microservice via Webhooks (03-10-2016)
Hosting Slack Integrations (03-08-2016)
Three ways to build Slack integrations on Google Cloud Platform (03-08-2016)
You Can Now Call a Lyft Ride From Facebook Messenger (03-08-2016)
RingCentral Launches WebRTC Support (03-07-2016)
Facebook exec jailed over encrypted WhatsApp data says Brazil?s police treated him with respect (03-06-2016)
Google Cloud Messaging: State of the Union (03-01-2016)
WhatsApp will be discontinued on BlackBerry and Nokia operating systems by 2017 (02-28-2016)
Exploring My Thoughts Around API Injection Into Messaging, Voice, and Other Online Experiences (02-26-2016)
Building a Salesforce and Slack Integration to Improve Sales (02-24-2016)
Exploring My thoughts Around API Injection Into Messaging, Voice, And Other Online Experiences (02-23-2016)
Easy-Peasy Slash Commands: Getting Started (02-23-2016)
recommended messaging queue for API messages (02-21-2016)
Exploring the world on-the-go using Google Cloud Vision and Twilio (02-19-2016)
WhatsApp founder defends Apple in FBI encryption fight (02-17-2016)
Twitter now lets you record and share videos in direct messages (02-17-2016)
Telegram just made it easier to send and receive secure voice messages (02-12-2016)
Make Slack Even More Useful With Bots! (02-11-2016)
What Implementation Partners and System Integrators can Learn From Slack and HipChat (02-11-2016)
MessageEvents: Every message event in one API call (02-09-2016)
Look Ma, no apps, just messages (02-02-2016)
New mPulse features: More beacon visibility, awesome data visualizations, and integration with Slack and PagerDuty (01-27-2016)
How we use Slack at BugHerd (01-27-2016)
Slack forms Search, Learning, & Intelligence Group focused on ?mining the chat corpus? (01-26-2016)
Skype Now Hides Your Internet Address (01-25-2016)
Snapchat need to improve its ad infrastructure (01-22-2016)
New Snapchat Marketing Opportunities Arise with Upcoming API (01-20-2016)
Skype integration for Slack now available for preview (01-14-2016)
You can now start Skype calls from Slack (01-14-2016)
New ? Slack Integration Blueprints for AWS Lambda (01-13-2016)
All Skype for Windows users get real-time translation (01-13-2016)
Security Update: Everything?s Good, And Getting Better (01-12-2016)
How the VinTank Team Uses Slack (01-12-2016)
Slash Commands Style Guide (01-12-2016)
Don?t use Slack? (01-10-2016)
Snapchat Looking to Expand Ad Offering With API Launch (01-06-2016)
Is a Snapchat Advertising API on the Way? (01-06-2016)
Snapchat Shuts its Lens Filter Store to Focus on Advertising (01-06-2016)
Sameroom Releases Chat Integration Software (01-04-2016)
Google Cloud Messaging - We've Come a Long Way (12-17-2015)
Knock, Knock: Introducing Do Not Disturb (12-17-2015)
The Slack Platform Launch Includes a New App Directory, Developer Fund (12-17-2015)
Twilio moves its peer-to-peer video calling service into public beta (12-17-2015)
Microsoft launches Skype for Business app out of preview on Android (12-16-2015)
The Slack Platform Launch (12-15-2015)
Send Messages From Devices to Slack Using ThingSpeak [tutorial] (12-08-2015)
Urban Airship August Release Notes: Message Expiration (10-22-2015)
Urban Airship July Release Notes Part III: Tag Conditions (10-22-2015)
US Open App Serves up Beacon and Location-Targeted Messages (10-22-2015)
Dropbox open-sources Zulip, the group chat app it acquired last year (09-25-2015)
Main Findings | Pew Research Center (08-25-2015) Connecting Communities with SMS (08-20-2015)
Pushbullet Has Just Tightened Its SMS Encryption (08-19-2015)
Why the startup powering Uber?s text messages is worth over $1 billion (08-16-2015)
Send SMS Messages Using Twilio and Arduino on Intel Edison (08-12-2015)
Introducing Layer Platform API: build rich application-to-user messaging (06-18-2015)
Pingometer Keeps Your Uptime In The 9s With Twilio SMS (06-09-2015)
How a High School Robotics Team Uses Slack (06-05-2015)
Skype for Web (Beta) is now available to everyone in the US and UK (06-05-2015)
Gmail API Adds Push Notification Support (06-03-2015)
Slack for Android 2.0 (06-03-2015)
Facebook says users can add OpenPGP public keys to profiles, enable encrypted email notifications (06-01-2015)
Facebook supports encrypted emails to defend user privacy (06-01-2015)
How Can My Business Use IVR? (06-01-2015)
Slacking off at Reclaim (05-30-2015)
Twitter Adds Quoted Tweet Data to APIs (05-28-2015)
Here's one sign Snapchat is dominating Facebook and Google when it comes to instant messaging (FB, GOOG) (05-26-2015)
The secret to Snapchat?s success? Intuition, not data (05-26-2015)
txtNation works with Social Sites for Virtual Numbers (05-26-2015)
Twilio Adds Instant Messaging Service to API Portfolio (05-20-2015)
Announcing IP Messaging: APIs for Embedding Advanced Chat (05-19-2015)
Twilio launches IP messaging API for building chat services, ?epic? audio conferences and more (05-19-2015)
Don?t shoot the messenger: Facebook asks game developers to trust its Messenger platform (05-18-2015)
The Slack Variety Pack (05-18-2015)
Sensay Replaces the Search Engine with Human Conversation Using Twilio SMS (05-08-2015)
A Perfect Pairing: MMS and Coupons (05-07-2015)
How to Use MMS as Part of Your Mobile Marketing Strategy (05-07-2015)
A Review of The CallFire Communication Platform (05-04-2015)
Twilio raises $100M; is now worth over $1B, report says (05-04-2015)
Receive Twitter Notifications by SMS with EventMachine and the Twitter Streaming API (Send and Receive Tweets Using SMS with Twilio Part 3) (04-30-2015)
WhatsApp starts rolling out voice calling on iOS (04-21-2015)
How to Send a Tweet with SMS (Send and Receive Tweets Using SMS: Part 2) (04-20-2015)
Build an SMS queueing system using Azure and 100 lines of code (04-10-2015)
Solace Releases New Version of SolOS Messaging Middleware Platform (04-07-2015)
BitTorrent?s encrypted chat app Bleep gets photos (04-03-2015)
Introducing Lookup: Fight Fraud, Improve Deliverability, and Use Local-Friendly Number Formats (03-31-2015)
Facebook Announces New Messenger, Opens Platform to Devs (03-26-2015)
Facebook Opens Messenger for App Developers (03-25-2015)
Mobile Operators are moving towards unified OTT messaging apps (03-24-2015)
Send and Receive Tweets using SMS with Twilio: Part 1 (03-19-2015)
WebRTC VideoCall Twitter Edition (Images and Media) (03-12-2015)
Ben Gerber Picks Twilio SMS To Power His University of Illinois Research (03-10-2015)
Google Cloud Platform Unveils Pub/Sub Messaging Service (03-06-2015)
Google releases a new API for real-time messaging between services (03-04-2015)
Google?s new service will ease real-time communications for applications (03-04-2015)
Using Google Cloud Pub/Sub to Connect Applications and Data Streams (03-04-2015)
TigerText Opens Its Secure Communications Platform to Developers (03-03-2015)
WebRTC's Powerful Promise for Voice and the Web (03-03-2015)
Making The Most Out Of Each Pixel: Reach More of Your Target Audience with MMS Converter (03-02-2015) | A new basis for open, distributed, real-time communication (02-26-2015)
Send SMS And MMS From Your Arduino Yun with Twilio (02-26-2015)
Digium Launches Respoke WebRTC Cloud Service (02-23-2015)
The Science of Messaging and Big Data (02-20-2015)
WebRTC Platform as a Service (PaaS) Explained in Plain Language (02-20-2015)
Creating a Priority Queue for your Call Centre with TaskRouter (02-19-2015)
Twilio Positions Itself for an IPO After Logging $100M in 2014 Revenue (02-19-2015)
Building A Multi Channel Support Desk with TaskRouter (02-18-2015)
Introducing TaskRouter (02-18-2015)
Work with common email file formats and read message properties using Aspose.Email APIs of Aspose Cloud SDK for iOS (02-17-2015)
WebRTC Heads Toward Standardization (02-14-2015)

These are curated as part of my daily work to understand what is happening across the space, and I regularly use them to track on what has occurred overtime, and include them in my guides, whitepapers, and other outputs.

Featured Messaging Companies and Organizations

These are the organizations I come across in my research who are doing interesting things in the API space. They could be companies, institutions, government agencies, or any other type of organizational entity. My goal is to aggregate so I can stay in tune with what they are up to and how it impacts the API space.


Global direct carrier billing reach through one simple integration. Custom bundling & messaging solutions for user growth and retention. Reach 3 billion consumers in 80+ countries through 280 telcos.

  • About - The about for the Fortumo platform.
  • About - The about for the Fortumo platform.
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  • Crunchbase - The crunchbase for the Fortumo platform.
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  • Facebook - The facebook for the Fortumo platform.
  • Github - The github for the Fortumo platform.
  • Instagram - The instagram for the Fortumo platform.
  • Press - The press for the Fortumo platform.
  • Press - The press for the Fortumo platform.
  • Privacy - The privacy for the Fortumo platform.
  • Privacy - The privacy for the Fortumo platform.
  • Terms Of Service - The terms of service for the Fortumo platform.
  • Twitter - The twitter for the Fortumo platform.
  • Website - The website for the Fortumo platform.
  • Website - The website for the Fortumo platform.
  • White Papers - The white papers for the Fortumo platform.

Fortumo Payments API

  • Get Capabilities Merchant
  • Get Reports Reconciliation Merchant Report Token
  • Get Reports Revenue Detailed Merchant Report Token
  • Get Reports Revenue Merchant Report Token
  • Get Reports Settlement Detailed Merchant Date
  • Post Authorisations
  • Post Authorisations Charging Token Invalidate
  • Post Messaging
  • Post Payments
  • Post Refunds
  • Post Reports Reconciliation
  • Post Reports Revenue
  • Post Reports Revenue Detailed
  • Post Reports Settlement Detailed
  • Post Subscriptions Activation
  • Post Subscriptions Cancel
  • Put Authorisations Charging Token

Other Messaging Companies and Organizations

These are additional companies who have APIs, but do not have as much detaila nd resources available to rank with the others.

Action Message

ActionMessage provides the best direct response Email Marketing software and services to enable companies and organizations to acquire, retain and grow customer relationships.

BulkSMS provides application-to-person (A2P) messaging services to large and small businesses, public benefit organisations, and individuals. The company has a global market presence in more than 200 countries, including Europe, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America.


Click1003 Pro offers affordable, powerful, borrower-interactive Online Mortgage Application software that your Loan Originators and Borrowers will really use. Click1003 Pro securely allows your Borrowers to scan and upload Loan Documents and keep track of loan requirements from their cell phones or any wireless device. Never miss another important event with a buit-in Calendar and Reminders sent to your email or any wireless device. Import and Export the Fannie Mae 1003 effortlessly. Easy text messaging from broker to borrower right inside the Click1003 Pro. Print All Document Formats as PDF Including .doc, .docx, odt, .rtf, .txt, .png, .jpg and .gif. Automatically converts and Saves Multiple documents and document types in One PDF. Use Click1003 Pros Click-To-Call feature directly from the Dashboard. Click1003 Pro software offers more advanced features than any other online mortgage application software on the market today. Click1003 Pro provides professional, advanced online mortgage applications with a back-end Dashboard interface functionality that works from anywhere in the world because its interface is web-based. The mortgagen application features include online URLA, wireless notification, over 90 informative help files, Color-coded navigation, self calculating in real time, time-saving redundancy features, auto online error checking, and much more. Click1003 Pro complies with the Graham-Leach-Bliley Act (GLB Act), the FTC Safeguards Rule and the Patriot Act for protecting borrowers nonpublic information. Click1003 Pro will print an actual Fannie Mae 1003 application to the borrowers printer and to the lenders or brokers printer for processing.


simple messaging and alerts for the Internet of Things.


TechNotes about Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Active Directory, Security, Compliance, Windows platform and other stuff

Feedback Chat

Feedback chat provides live online customer service with flash chat, video chat with webcam support for your personal web site. View and chat with visitors as they navigate your site and broadcast your pictures.

I-mode MSN Messenger Access

Mister-i Mobile Solutions Empresa especilista en Tecnologia móvil.

West Wind Technologies

Home of Rick Strahls company site. Find products, tools and development service, read our development blogs and white papers about Web and Service development on the Microsoft and open Web stack.


WhatsApp Messenger is a freeware and cross-platform messaging and Voice over IP service owned by Facebook.

Messaging Tooling

These are the open source tooling that I come across in my research who are doing interesting things in the API space. They could be companies, institutions, government agencies, or any other type of tool_anizational entity. My goal is to aggregate so I can stay in tune with what they are up to and how it impacts the API space.

API-GraphQL Website
apollo-link-webextensions-messaging Website
Apollo-Messenger Website
awesome-messaging-clones Website
baseline Website
burger Website
centrifuge Website
chat Website
ChattingApp Website
Chatty Website
cm-business-messaging-api-postman-collection Website
cosinnus-message Website
cpp-service-skeleton Website
Distributed-TinySNS Website
django-useraccounts-messaging-starter Website
fcm-apollo-server Website
fedora-messaging Website
fedora-sample-schema-plugin Website
globo_chat Website
gmessaging Website
GoLang-Terminal-Messenger Website
google-fcm-swagger Website
graphql-chat Website
graphql-chat Website
graphql-messaging-app Website
graphql-messenger Website
Group-Messaging Website
grpc-messaging Website
HomeAway-Prototype-using-GraphQL-and-MERN-stack-V3.0 Website
HyperService Website
iGap-API Website
instant-messaging-graphql Website
job-slink Website
json-schemas-superseded Website
line-protocol Website
luxun Website
mateMessage Website
matrix-swagger-tools Website
mChat-graphql-server Website
mChat-react-client Website
mercury Website
message-broker-miscellaneous Website
messaging Website
messaging Website
messaging Website
messaging-frontend Website
messaging-graphql Website
messaging-lib Website
Messaging_Backend Website
messaging_backend_graphQL Website
Messaging_Frontend Website
messenger Website
messenger Website
Messenger-App Website
meteornl-chitchat Website
minig Website
minimal-graphql Website
mixchat Website
msg-gateway Website
Node-Express-Handlebars Website
node-video-chat Website
nodeJS-graphQL-ecommerce-backend-app Website
open-api-messaging-context Website
pinax_postman_demo Website
pingpong-conversations-api Website
PokemonGoDesktop.API Website
postman Website
Postman Website
postman Website
postman-go Website
protobuf-java-objc-demo Website
protobuf-javalite-firebase-wellknowntypes Website
protobufp Website
protocol-buffers-spring-cloud-stream Website
push-push-box Website
QpidJmsAvro Website
qrpc Website
react-messaging-app Website
redis-pubsubtest Website
rpc-crypto Website
seneca-transport Website
ServicesWebThriftEtcd Website
slack-messaging-client Website
slack-messaging-server Website
slackr-graphql-subscriptions-starter-kit Website
spring5webapp Website
SwaggerText Website
text-postman Website
thriftRPISample Website
TinySNS Website
vcare-rdf-indexing-demo Website
Whatsapp-Clone Website

Industry Tag Cloud

This set of tags represent this industry, pulled from the website and marketing materials available for each of the companies listed.

.doc.docx.gif.jpg.NET.pdf.png.rtf.txt1003111to121iAccessAcquisitionActActive DirectoryActiveSyncAdAddressAnalyticsAndroidAnywhereApplianceApplicationApplicationsAspASP.NetASP.NET CoreAssignAutomaticAvailableBaseBasedBestBeweglicherBharat SunejaBillingBlileyBlue HornetBoodschapperBorrowerBroadcast+chatBrokerBrokersBrowserBundlingBusiness FrameworkByteC#C++CalculateCalculatorsCalendarCall To ActionCalyxCampaign-managementCastellanoCellCertificateChatChat+broadcastChat+flashChat+videoChat+webcamChmClickClick ThroughsClick ThrusClick-To-CallClick1003ClientCloudComCom+CompliantComprehensiveComputerConsultantConsultingConsumer BehaviorContactContenidosContourConversationsConvertCreateCreationCRMCross-sellCustomerCustomer AcquisitionCustomer LoyaltyCustomer Relationship ManagementCustomer Relationship MarketingCustomer RetentionCustomer Segmentation And ProfilingCustomer+serviceCustomersDashboardDcomDemoDesignerDeveloperDevelopmentDeviceDHTMLDiffuse PicturesDirect Carrier BillingDirect ResponseDistributedDocumentDocumentsDouble Opt-inDownloadDrill Down AnalysisDynamic HtmlE-commerceE-mailE-marketingE-merchandisingE-mocionEasECommerceEcrm+solutionsEHLOEllieElliemaeEmagicEmailEmail MarketingEmail SolutionsEmailsEmarketingEmerchandisingEmial MarketingEmociónEmuladorEncompassEplusESPEspañaEspañolEventExchangeExchange 2003Exchange 2007Exchange 2010Exchange 2013Exchange ActiveSyncExchange OnlineExchange ServerFannieFAQs, Help, And TutorialsFeatureFeedback+chatFileFinancial ServicesFormFormatsFormsForms And ClosingsFoxProFrederik StrahlFreeFree ChatFTCGebruikersGet+helpGLBGPRSGrahamGraphicGuaranteedHAPIHawaiiHelpHelp ColutionsHood RiverHtml Help BuilderHTTPI-modeI-Mode InternetI-questoIContactIfriendsIMImagesIMAPImodeImportantImportsInformationInstantInstant MessageInstantanéInstantáneoInstructionsIntegration LandscapeInterfaceInterlinqInternetIntuitiveIpicsIsISAPIKgtKpnKurierLabelsLeachLendersLendingLifeLifetimeLifetime ValueListsListstLiveLive HelpLive HelperLive Personal HelpLive+customerLive+saleLivehelpLOLoanLoansLOSM-modeMaeMailermailerManagerMarketingMarketing AutomationMauiMóvilMelapiMensajesMesengerMessage BoardMessagerMessagingMessaging ServiceMessengerMessenger+webcamMGICMicrosoftMicrosoft ExchangeMimessengerMmodeMobieleMobileMobile Operator BillingMobile PaymentsMonetizationMornetplusMortgageMortgagewareMovistarMSNMultipleNecNewsletterNokiaNonpublicNotificationsOdtOffice 365OfficerOLAPOne To One MarketingOne-to-oneOnetooneOnlineOnline MarketingOnline PaymentsOnline ToolsOnmiddellijkeOpt-inOregonOriginationOriginatorOur Product And Services Are Better ThanOutlookOutlook Web AccessOutlook Web AppOWAPalmPatriotPaymentsPCPDFPermissionPermission Based MarketingPermission MarketingPermission-basedPersonalized Email MarketingPhonePhonesPipelinePKIPocketPointPOPPremium SmsPrintPrintablePrivacyProProgrammingProgramsProtectionProvide+helpRatesReal Time ReportingReal-time TrackingRealtime+communicationRealtime+liveReceiveRecency Frequency MonetaryRelationshipsReminderReportingRequiredResidentialResponseResponsysResultsRetentionReturn On InvestmentRFMRick StrahlRingtonesROIRuleSafeguardsSaleSaveScanSecuritySendServiceServicesServiciosSharpSiteSitesSMSSMTPSOAPSofortigerSoftwareSolutionsSortedSoundsSpainSpanishSpecialStand-aloneSubmissionsSupportSupport+helpSurveySystemTabletTargeted Email MarketingTargted Email MarketingTechnicalTechnical+chatTelecommunicationsTelefonicaTelephoneTextToolsTrackingTracking.supportsTypesUmtsUniformUnlimitedUpdatesUploadUpsellUrlaUserVersionVertical ResponseVFPViaVideo ChatViewViral MarketingVisual FoxProVisual StudioVodafoneWAPWe Also Read Clickz Email MarketingWebWeb ConnectionWeb MonitorWeb ServicesWeb ShopWeb StoreWeb-BasedWebcam ChatWebmessengerWebsitesWest Wind Internet ProtocolsWirelessWwIPStuffWwSOAPWWWX.509XML

They reflect the intent of these platforms, helping people understand what is aavailable for integration into applications.